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What is an NFT? (Non-Fungible Tokens)-Explained

You’ve probably also heard about the growing popularity of NFTs. Their sudden boom has made them a curious subject for many. This blog post will go through what NFTs are, how to profit from them, and what role they serve, basically everything NFT, in detail.

Even though NFTs have been there since 2014, NFTs are gaining popularity currently as a popular means to purchase digital art. An estimated amount of $174 million has been spent since 2017, on NFTs. 

What Is An NFT?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is the virtual currency that belongs to you only. “Non-fungible” basically translates as something completely rare that can’t be replaced with anything. For instance, a one-of-a-kind trade card, cannot be duplicated. You’d get a completely different item if you swap for it. This is how NFT can be explained, a single piece in the entire world owned by you, which you sell for a great profit!

Currently, artwork and music are popular mediums for NFT creation, however, the sky is the limit and you can even create NFTs for popular tweets or films. It is a virtual asset that depicts real-world elements like music, art in-game items, and films. NFTs are bought and traded online while utilizing cryptocurrency. 

What Is An NFT Art?

An NFT  lives entirely in the digital realm—it cannot be touched, yet it can be owned. An NFT art can be any sort of digital format, including artwork, music, articles, and memes. The most recent example will be of the “Disaster Girl,” whose original photo sold for $500,000. 

What Makes It Unique?

NFTs are rare, or at the very least one of a very limited print, and contain unique identifying codes. These codes add the most value to the item. 

When a product gains more value, it is when it has higher demand. However, with NFTs, only a single object is available to be bought. There lies a sharp contrast to the vast majority of digital products, which are nearly always available in endless quantities. 

If we look at today’s world individual images or image collages can be viewed for free on the internet. A simple question that comes to mind is, why are people prepared to spend millions of dollars on something that they can screenshot or download?

Here comes our unique codes. The main element that gives NFTs their value. Think of this as a jewel that only you have your hands on. It can be explained in a similar approach. 

They have unique codes that verify the mere rarity of an NFT. They permit the buyer to keep the original item hence becoming the only owner of that art. It has a built-in authentication that is handed over to the owner only. To the collectors, the item is the most valuable however they also acquire some bragging opportunities along with that for a completely unique item. 

How Does It Differ From Cryptocurrency?

Nft is based on the same code as Bitcoin or Ethereum, however, it is the only similarity between the two.

Bitcoin or Ethereum as other physical currencies is exchangeable (fungible) whereas, a single NFT cannot be exchanged. They are transferred to their owner, who is the rightful proprietor of their rights. Each one has a distinct digital sign that distinguishes it from the others. This is why an NFT is so valuable.

How Does NFT Work?

NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which is a decentralized public database that keeps track of transactions. Most people are familiar with blockchain as the underpinning technology that allows cryptocurrencies to exist.

The same technology is used for NFTs. They are designed by using the Ethereum blockchain. However, it is not limited to only that. 

An NFT is made up of digital objects that represent both direct and indirect items, such as:

  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Collectibles
  • Designer Sneakers
  • Tweets
  • Art

NFTs can be considered valuable additions to your gallery or home decor items or art. Where instead of buying a physical object you purchase a soft copy. This investment in digital art is exciting as you become the only owner in the entire world. If anyone wishes to have the same art they’ll have to buy it from you. 

The owners also obtain exclusive rights to the property making it obvious that NFTs are possessed by only one person at one time. Because they contain specific data, it’s simple to authenticate possession and sell tokens between owners. 

With NFTs, artists can also gain recognition for their work by including their signature in the description of the artwork.

Should It Be Considered a Profitable Business?

NFTs are the most profitable business currently, how? Let’s have a look!

Share In Sales

Let’s put it this way: artists used to sell their most meticulously created, high-priced paintings through pricey auctions, where the majority of people placed bids. They no longer need to put up auctions because of NFTs. They can sell the NFT to consumers directly through a variety of internet venues.

In addition to this direct selling option, the artist can keep a share of the artwork and still profit from future sales. It’s one of the most appealing parts of NFTs because it’s a long-term investment that pays out with every transaction.

Raising Charity

NFT art is sometimes used to collect funds for charities. Many celebrities have joined on board and are selling their collections, which include photos, memories, and other items, online. Not only are celebrity moments, but renowned memes and GIFs are also being sold as Nft art right now. Furthermore, to generate revenue for charity, some corporations have auctioned themed NFT paintings. Where the funds allocated for charity will help the underprivileged, the NFT artwork will also gain more value thus ultimately benefitting both, the artist and the owner.  

If until now, you have made up your mind to get in the NFT business; then read along as we will be discussing how you can purchase NFTs.

What Is The Best Way To Get NFT?

There are a few things to bear in mind when purchasing NFT. It is digital art that requires careful storage. To make smooth transactions, you’ll need cryptocurrency and other components. What things do you need to buy, where to buy and which elements to consider all are listed below.

  • Digital Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Additional Charges
  • NFT Marketplaces

Digital Wallet

NFT isn’t just a picture you can get from the internet. To keep it safe, you’ll need a digital wallet that can hold both cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


To buy NFT you will require cryptocurrency like Bitcoin etc, It majorly depends on your NFT provider as to what currency he/she accepts. 

Crypto Platforms

You can buy crypto using your credit card from multiple platforms, such as

  • eToro
  • Kraken
  • Coinbase
  • Robinhood
  • PayPal
  • Voyager
  • Bitcoin IRA

Additional Charges

When choosing a platform to buy NFT from, look into other possibilities such as fees that may be levied. Many exchanges have been found to charge a portion of your transaction when you acquire cryptocurrency.

NFT Marketplaces

After you’ve set up your NFT wallet and have bought crypto, now all you require is to search for platforms where you can buy NFT art. Some of those platforms are discussed below

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • AirNFTs
  • Axie Infinity
  • LooksRare


The most reputable of these marketplaces is OpenSea, where you can browse multiple NFT collections and easily buy them as well. 


Similar to OpenSea, it is an open marketplace that enables the buying and selling of NFTs. 


It is a marketplace that is built on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon where you have the liberty to create, buy, sell, and earn with NFTs. 

Axie Infinity

A marketplace dedicated to NFT gaming and purchase. 


Similar to other platforms it enables you to buy and sell unique NFT collectibles and art. 


It is an NFT marketplace, though it is a bit different as it rewards you for participating. 

Before investing in NFT, ensure to carry out research and verify your owners before purchasing to avoid any scam. Another factor that sparked conversations regarding NFT is NFT stock.

What Is An NFT Stock?

Stocks are expected to be transformed into NFTs shortly. What would be the purpose of this, and what would someone do with those stock NFTs, is yet unknown. It’s merely a hypothesis that could come true in the not-too-distant future.


NFTs are gradually becoming the next big thing for business owners who are investing in them to generate profits. It is a continuous money-making business that benefits the artists the most. New theories are circulating and more people are jumping in every day to explore the field, launch collections, or merely purchase and to re-sell. This blog post is aimed at summarising the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to understand NFT and its business possibilities!

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