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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this section is to inform users about our privacy policies. The information we collect, the reasons behind collecting it, its usage, and how that information is shared with other service providers are all described in full.

When you use our services, you agree to our Privacy Policy, therefore this document outlines the information that we gather, its usage, and storage. The policy is explained to establish an element of trust between you and us.

1. Information Collection

Whenever a user signs in to our App, the following information is collected from their side.

    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Postal Code (to ensure app’s seamless working)

There are some additional means that are used to collect information. The means and their purpose are discussed below.

1.1. Information As Per Service Usage

To ensure an app’s seamless workflow and to identify if any crash or error occurs, we collect ‘log data’. Log data includes the following:

    • User’s IP Address 
    • Browser type 
    • Operating system 
    • The pages or features of our services that the user accessed, and the time spent on those pages or feature
    • Search keywords
    • Links to our services

To examine our services from the consumer’s perspective, we need ‘log data.’ We upgrade, modify, and customize log data based on this information to meet the demands of our customers. We may share this information with third-party analysts in order to collect data (for example, where our services are used based on a person’s IP address). This is done in order to provide consumers with a better and more personalized experience with our services. 

1.2. Information As Per Mobile Device

The following information is collected from users’ mobile devices.

    • Device identifier
    • The number of your devices
    • Type of connection you use to connect to the Service
    • User Settings
    • Device Storage
    • Android ID
    • Mobile Advertising Identifier
    • Android Advertising IDs
    • HDID
    • The operating system of your devices
    • Data about your use of our services

1.3. Location Data

Our third-party service providers may keep your location information in order to access and provide you with more tailored services.

1.4. Third-Party & Partners Information

We may link your subscription information to data we collect from our partners or third parties to make our services more convenient for you (such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Flurry, and so on). This is done to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and provide you with a better service experience.

2. Who We Share Your Information With

We maintain our user’s privacy and only disclose or share information that is absolutely necessary. We share your information with Service Providers, Advertisement Providers, and Software Development Kit providers. It is done to ensure that you are being provided with quality services and in case of any crash or error we can identify the causes. This practice makes it possible for us to customize our apps or introduce new features as per your preference. 

2.1. Information Disclosed In Connection With The Business transaction

Our users’ data is our most valuable business asset. Some or all of our assets, including your information, may be disclosed or transferred to a third-party recipient if we enter into a transaction with a third party. The transaction can be in the form of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, if our assets have been acquired through a third party or if we go out of business or go bankrupt.

2.2. Sharing of Data in Certain Conditions

I only share user-provided and automatically acquired information with third parties, but only for the purpose of improving services. The following details are shared in such case:

    • In the event that the law requires you to follow the legal process,
    • To maintain user rights and safety protection 
    • In case of fraud
    • In case of plagiarism

I share your personal and sensitive information with those who work with me and are in my trusted services. This is done in order to improve my services and aid in the development of new features in the App.

I highly recommend that you review this privacy policy on a weekly basis so that you are aware of any changes.

3. Your Information’s Security and Storage

We use all administrative, physical, and electronic measures to prevent unauthorized access to the information we collect from or about you.

To keep your data safe from prying eyes, we encrypt everything in transit.

We only give personal information to those members of our team who need it to do their jobs. Anyone who accesses it is subject to the confidentiality duties of the Agreement, which may be forfeited or terminated if these obligations are not met. Please remember that no Internet transfer is completely secure or error-free. Furthermore, the rules are subject to change. When you use our Services, such as by installing one of our downloadable apps, some of your data will be stored locally on your desktop and mobile devices (“Devices”).

4. Funding Choices

We use the Funding Choices Platform to communicate with our users and obtain their approval in the advertisements they see. It allows us to identify people who block ads, so we can ask them to reconsider their decision for our app. We keep the information private to protect the privacy of our users.

5. Additional Privacy Information for EEA Residents 

Residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) should be aware of additional privacy information.

As required by EU privacy legislation, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), we give additional information to European Economic Area (EEA) citizens in this section.

(1) Legal Basis for Data Processing

If one of the following applies, we will handle the information:

    1.  Required for the execution of any contract(s) with you (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR). This relates to section 5(1), which requires troubleshooting, configuring, identifying, and supporting services.
    2.  Necessary for our legitimate purposes, which are not outweighed by your interests or basic rights and freedoms (GDPR Article 6(1)(f)). This applies to section 5(2), which aims to improve and develop our services, as well as section 5(3), which aims to safeguard security and combat criminal conduct.
    3.  Necessary to comply with a legal duty to which we are subject (GDPR Article 6(1)(c). To comply with our legal requirements, this applies to section 5(4).
    4.  Processed with your consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR) in limited circumstances and to the extent, the legal basis for processing set out above does not apply. This applies to sections 5(5) and 5(6), which deal with providing and improving Ad Services and communicating with you.

6. Additional Privacy Information for California Residents

As required by California privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), we give additional information to California residents in this section. This clause does not apply to publicly available information, de-identified information, aggregate consumer information, or other personal information that is exempt under the CCPA (such as information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

While how we collect, use, and disclose personal information varies depending on our relationship and interactions with you, in this section we describe how we can collect personal information about California residents, as well as the rights California residents have under the CCPA.

6.1. CCPA Rights

Residents of California have the following rights when it comes to their personal information:

Do-not-sell (opt-out): to prevent us from selling their personal information, including those we know are under the age of 16.

Right to be forgotten: to request that personal information about them that we have acquired be deleted, subject to certain exceptions. When we receive your request and confirm your identification, we’ll look over it to see if there’s an exception that allows us to keep the information.

Right to know: to require that we disclose the following to them (up to twice per year and subject to certain exceptions) regarding the personal information we have collected about them in the last 12 months:

    1.  types of personally identifiable information gathered
    2.  sources of personal data in different categories
    3.  types of personal information about them that we have shared or sold for business purposes
    4.  categories of third parties to whom we have sold or shared personal information for a business purpose
    5.  the objective of gathering or selling their personal information for business or commercial purposes
    6.  a copy of the specific personal information about them that we have gathered

Nondiscrimination right: the right not to be treated unfairly because they are exercising their rights under the CCPA.

Submitting CCPA Requests

California residents can send CCPA requests to to exercise their “Right to know (access)” and “Right of deletion.” 

7. GDPR Rights

Residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) have the following rights in relation to their personal data:

(A). Right to Objection 

You have the right to object to your data being processed. If you object, we will no longer process your information unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for processing that outweigh your interests, rights, and freedoms, or the processing is necessary for us to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims.

(B). Right to Data Processing Restrictions

You have the right to request that we only treat your information in a limited way if the following conditions are met:

    • Your information’s accuracy is under question;
    • Under the circumstances of a legitimate right of erasure, you request limited processing rather than deletion.
    • The information is no longer required for our purposes, but you require it to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims; or
    • An objection’s success is still debatable.

(C). Data portability is a legal right 

You have the right to receive information about you from us in a structured, frequently used, and machine-readable manner, as well as the right to request that we send this information to another controller under the following conditions:

    • The processing is based on consent or a contract, or it is based on both.
    • The processing is done with the help of computers.

8. Cross-Border Transfer of Information

If you live in the European Economic Area, please be informed that we may send your personal information to regions outside the EEA in order to provide the services (e.g., USA). Although regions outside the EEA may not provide an adequate level of protection for your personal data, we have implemented sufficient measures to ensure that your data is protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The fundamental safeguard we rely on is the European Commission-approved standard contractual data protection clauses.

9. Changes To This Privacy Statement

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page.

This policy is effective as of 2021-09-03

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